Introducing the Valve Designed with Roasters in Mind- The Next Generation of Coffee Valves


BUFFALO, New York based CCL Label has brought a new valve technology to the coffee industry allowing roasters who take advantage of this technology to benefit significantly. This new technology- the Flexis® coffee valve, consists of a three-layer construction focused on the release of carbon dioxide and prevention of oxygen penetrating into the packaging. The Flexis® coffee valve has shown benefits to roasters in areas including packaging machinery throughput, maintaining coffee freshness, and allowing carbon dioxide to be released from the packaging without letting oxygen in.

Roasters who have taken the Flexis® coffee valve approach have seen a significant increase in processing speeds and operational reliability. One roasting company out of Fort Worth, Texas utilize these valves as a better solution for its degassing process to prevent their coffee bags from ballooning out and coffee becoming stale, a common worry of coffee roasters.

Additionally, the Flexis® coffee valve was recently recognized in July 2013, with one of North America’s most prestigious packaging awards, the AmeriStar Award in the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) non-alcoholic beverage-packaging segment. These awards are based on 15 categories including innovation, sustainability, protection, economics, performance and marketing. The bestowment of this award signifies the roasting community’s appreciation of the Flexis® coffee valve, and CCL Label’s dedication to producing innovative packaging technology.


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About CCL Label

Flexis® valves utilize a variety of technologies allowing more to be done with packaging. These valves can be seamlessly integrated into packaging for products such as coffee, frozen foods, perishable goods, and even apparel. The incorporation of a Flexis® functional valve adds new dimension to product packaging.

Flexis® valves, are products of CCL Label, the world’s largest converter of pressure sensitive and film materials. A division of CCL Industries of Toronto, Canada, the company provides a variety of custom labeling and functional product solutions to an array of markets, including automotive, personal care, food and beverage, wine, agriculture, white goods and healthcare.


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