Counter Culture Coffee To Launch “Sustainable Spring” Initiative In March 2014

New York, NY – Throughout March 2014, Counter Culture Coffee – the beloved coffee roaster based in Durham, NC – will host “Sustainable Spring,” a campaign designed to educate, explore, and raise awareness about sustainability and green living. The initiative will feature sustainability-themed events hosted in each of Counter Culture’s eight training centers, located in Asheville, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Durham, D.C., New York, and Philadelphia – supported through the company’s Facebook page and other social media channels. The events will occur on each of the four Fridays in March at 11:30 a.m., following Counter Culture’s weekly, 10 a.m., free and open-to-the-public coffee tastings.

The sustainability-themed events will delve into topics that represent Counter Culture’s holistic approach to sustainability – environmental, social, and fiscal sustainability – including topics like sustainable agriculture, local food communities, community outreach, and compost. Specific examples for the first week (March 7) include Urban Gardening in Atlanta, Sustainable Chocolate 101 in Boston, Beekeeping in Durham, Composting & Coffee in NYC and more.

The initiative was inspired by last August’s Sustainable Summer campaign, which brought far-flung members of Counter Culture’s community together on Facebook to share their ideas, successes, and challenges in putting values of sustainability into practice.

“Our goal in hosting these events in each of our training centers is two-fold: first, to give a platform to thought-leaders and engage community members working in sustainability outside of coffee, and second, to make connections between the actions we take as individuals and bigger-picture environmental and social change” notes Kim Elena Ionescu, Coffee Buyer & Sustainability Manager.

“Each training center’s topics are different and reflective of the communities they represent,” adds Ionescu, “though it’s clear that Counter Culture employees have some interests in common – like composting and honeybees.”

Sustainability is central to Counter Culture’s mission, and the company continues to make progress toward concrete goals like carbon neutrality and waste reduction. Counter Culture appreciates the big things a company can do to lessen their carbon footprint while acknowledging the impact individuals can make each day to renew, repair, and support worldwide ecosystems. More information on Counter Culture’s green initiatives is available here.


About Counter Culture Coffee

Founded in 1995, Counter Culture Coffee is the much-loved coffee roaster dedicated to finding and bringing to market the most exciting and delicious coffees in the world. The company’s vision is to pursue coffee perfection by creating partnerships dedicated to environmental, social, and fiscal sustainability throughout the coffee chain, improving the natural environment and operating efficiently to minimize environmental impact. Counter Culture has eight training centers across the country including locations in New York; Chicago; Boston; Washington, D.C.; Philadelphia; Asheville, N.C.; Atlanta; and Durham, N.C., with a new training center and roastery set to open in Emeryville, Calif., in 2014. Served in some of the country’s top restaurants, Counter Culture Coffee is available in coffee shops, specialty grocers and online at

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