Straw Envy Debuts Stylish Reusable Straws Designed For Use In Hot & Cold Beverages

StrawEnvy_0192_CoffeeCUP_Grn_PrplLAS VEGAS – Straw Envy, designer of fashionable reusable drinking straws, debuts the company’s collection of stylish personal drinking straws (PDS) at Coffee Fest, the leading coffee and tea industry trade show.

The International Coffee Organization estimates that 1.6 billion cups of coffee are drunk worldwide every single day. As more consumers choose fashionable to-go mugs to carry their drinks, another category emerged for reusable accessories: plastic-drinking straws.

With hundreds of unique designs available for travel cups and coffee containers, Straw Envy envisions creating a similar reusable beverage accessory category with the debut collection of stylish flat and round straws created specifically to accompany hot and cold beverage lids.

Straw Envy also fuses fashion with function, as the design concept stemmed from a dentist recommendation to drink beverages such as coffee, tea or soda with a straw to reduce staining one’s teeth. As a daily coffee or tea drinker, a PDS is an inexpensive accessory that prevents the need for costly teeth whitening procedures.

Featuring a variety of colors and embellishments to appeal to both men and women, Straw Envy’s PDS designs include:

  • Green/Purple with crystal
  • Pink/Hot Pink with crystal
  • Black/Silver with stainless steel cuff

Understanding that coffee and tea retailers have limited shelf space for accessories, Straw Envy created a compact display that features units at checkout. Show specials for buyers includes a free “Straw Envy” POP display and free shipping with purchase of 36 units.

All straws are available in round and flat sizes; round to be used universally in all beverages and flat designed especially for use in “to go” lids for hot beverages such as coffee and tea.

Created with BPA-free plastics, Staw Envy drinking straws are durable, FDA-approved designs safe for cold and hot drink use. Straws are available in packages of either two rounds or in “To Go” packs featuring a round and a flat design. Each Straw Envy pack comes with a protective and decorative fabric carrying case. Start sipping with style at

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