WeighPack introduces its 24 Head PrimoCombi multi-head weigher for blending and mixing applications.

24H MixingDesigned to automatically weigh, mix and dispense 2, 3 and 4 products at a time, the PrimoCombi 24 head combination scale is ideal for blending frozen foods, vegetables, fruits, confections, snack foods, ingredients, hardware, and more.

Software: Boasting a Windows™ based Operating System, the Primo360 software that WeighPack has developed offers features such as Skype™, LogMeIn.com for online support, Crystal Report™ for custom reporting, and even a Help Wizard for easy operation and assistance. Available in every language including English, Spanish, French and more, the Primo360 offers convenience, performance and robust computing capabilities.

Mechanics: The PrimoCombi’s open frame design provides easy access to all components, and can be stripped to its core in minutes. With tool-less buckets, chutes, pans, and center hopper, cleaning is fast and easy. With individual chutes beneath each head, product spiraling is eliminated increasing productivity. The NEMA 4X panel houses core electronics, and is remotely located from the scale eliminating any possibility of water infiltration during wash-down.


About WeighPack Systems:

WeighPack a Paxiom Group company is a manufacturer and systems provider of state of the art quality packaging solutions that include filling, bagging, wrapping, conveying, case erecting and robotic palletizing.

For over twenty years WeighPack Systems has delivered thousands of packaging systems throughout the world for varied and diverse applications. From line layout design, manufacturing, installation, training and after sales technical support, WeighPack provides its customers complete system responsibility and accountability.

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