AeroPress® Coffee Maker Continues to Thrive

New AeroPress Hand_cropped copyThe AeroPress coffee maker continues to delight coffee lovers who appreciate the control it provides over the brewing process. Coffee aficionados love managing brewing process variables like grind, water temperature, coffee to water ratio, and steep time to optimize the recipe for each coffee. You truly can brew it your way and enjoy all the beautiful flavors of your coffees. It’s no wonder the AeroPress has inspired its own increasingly popular championships worldwide. The 7th annual World AeroPress Championship will take place in Rimini, Italy in June around the time of the World Barista Championship. Competitors from about 20 countries will compete to impress the panel of expert judges with coffee brewed using an AeroPress and their favorite brewing recipe. The top three winners will receive the traditional, custom AeroPress trophies and a good time will be had by all.


For information about the Championships, visit For information about the AeroPress, visit, email, or call 1-650-493-3050.

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