Weldon Coffee Flavorings – East Coast Distributors Wildly Successful!


3 bottles with rack

Weldon Flavorings seeking West Coast Distributors. The Weldon Gourmet Coffee Flavorings’ product line is becoming a huge hit on the east coast. However, while New York, Maine, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and other east coast states are enjoying these pure liquid flavorings in their coffee; California, Oregon, and Washington distribution is still limited. Completely free of sugar, artificial sweeteners, creamers, powders, and syrups, make these flavorings the perfect compliment to coffee, cappuccino, lattes, and the healthy west coast life style. Weldon Coffee Flavorings add flavor that you can enjoy without worrying about putting on weight or clogging your arteries. With all the various sweeteners on the market these flavorings allow the customer to use their sweetener of choice. Ideal for office coffee service, coffee shops, drive-thrus, convenience stores, or any place coffee is served. For more information please contact Weldon Flavorings at (502) 797-2937 or info@WeldonFlavorings.com

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