Slayer “Stock” Models Now Available

slayer-3-group-frontSlayer Espresso Announces New Stock Inventory
High Demand Now Met By Supply Of Ready-To-Ship Machines

Seattle, Washington, USA: Boosting the availability of its highly sought-after espresso equipment, Slayer Espresso announced this week that an inventory of stock machines has been built for immediate order fulfillment. While machine customization remains a vital and vibrant part of the company’s business, uncustomized, in-stock models will allow Slayer resellers around the world to offer machines with virtually no lead time.

“The benefit to our distributors and their clients is massive,” said Jason Prefontaine, CEO and founder. “Our lead time has often been a barrier for some that would otherwise buy a machine. Now we’ve totally blown that away. When one of our partners in, say, Melbourne receives an order, it’s as simple as grabbing from the stock we keep in Seattle – only a little back-and-forth and no long wait.”

The new inventory includes 2- and 3-grouphead professional espresso machines, as well as the Single Group model, which was released for consumers and low-volume commercial applications in May 2014. All in-stock machines will feature black and stainless steel body panels, Peruvian Walnut accents, pre-brew timers, and hot water dispensers. Since the company’s inception in 2007, this configuration has been considered the “classic look” for the machine.

This announcement is made on the cusp of Slayer’s eighth anniversary. All machines are hand-assembled in its Seattle studio, but the product is now enjoyed on six continents. With shorter ship times and easier access through distribution partners, continued growth is anticipated globally. Find more information at:

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