ShopKeep Launches Serverless Sync

Serverless Sync— New wireless, serverless technology allows business owners to easily and reliably keep registers in sync —

— Pre-registration for early access to Serverless Sync available throughout March —

NEW YORK (March 4, 2015) – ShopKeep, the cloud-based technology provider with more than 16,000 registers in use by retail shops, restaurants, and other organizations, today launched Serverless Sync™. The new feature allows merchants to open and close checks from multiple registers, with orders seamlessly updated across all devices in real-time with or without an internet connection. By removing the need for costly servers and cables to keep registers in sync, ShopKeep is streamlining business operations and providing businesses with significant savings, in time and money.

“Serverless Sync is a huge asset for anyone in the hospitality industry, but our patent pending technology also allows this feature to work for any high traffic business with multiple terminals,” said Norm Merritt, President and CEO at ShopKeep. “At ShopKeep, we are committed to providing merchants with the most effective tools to run their businesses in the smartest way possible, and Serverless Sync marks another significant step forward in that journey.”

“With Serverless Sync, waiters and bartenders will no longer have to return to an individual register to update their checks or wait for a register to become available to input orders, commented Jason Richelson, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at ShopKeep. “Instead, open checks will be accessible from any register running on the same WiFi network, allowing staff members to spend more time providing the best possible service.”

Serverless Sync will be available to all ShopKeep customers at no additional cost. Coupled with the ability to remove expensive servers, the savings to any business — currently or considering syncing registers — will be significant.

ShopKeep has been testing the feature in beta with a select group of customers and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with one customer, Kevin Canfield owner of O’Neill’s Irish Pub, sharing:

“So far, we’ve increased our overall efficiency by at least 20% just by having our terminals synced like this. It’s allowing us to push 20% more product during busy times. The increase in efficiency has more than paid for the cost of adding an additional terminal. For any business with medium to high volume, this will more than pay for itself right away.”

Serverless Sync will be available to both new and current ShopKeep customers via an update to the ShopKeep app. For more information on the new feature or to pre-register for early access, visit for details.


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