Introducing Xeltron’s New 6-XC

15XC-png(6MB)XELTRON® is introducing its latest model of chute sorter at the SCAA: the 6-XC. With a sorting capacity of 1.2-1.6 ton/h, and a footprint of only 70 cm wide, it’s the best choice available in the market for those producers that require an intermediate volume and still maintain an excellent sort.
With the flexibility of independent chutes and ease of operation characteristic of XELTRON® machines, the 6-XC is the smaller version of the 15-XC (3-4 ton/h). Its new Teflon coated chutes provide a stable and uniform flow, resulting in more volume and an excellent sort. The latest generation of PCB Boards and components diminish the failure rate and downtime to a minimum, decreasing the overall operational costs.
XELTRON® guarantees your brands prestige by maintaining a uniform appearance and consistent quality, increasing your yield and accelerating the return on your investment.
XELTRON® …40 years being your commercial partner.

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