World Coffee Growers Map

CoffeeOrigins bannerA new website ( has just been launched aimed at providing coffee growers around the world with a platform that will allow them to promote their farms to the coffee industry at no cost.This free service, which is effectively an online directory, allows growers to list their location, size of farm, type of coffee grown and any other special characteristics of the coffee they produce (whether fair trade, organic, drying methods etc) as well post pictures of their farm, their product and even, if they want, their surrounding area.
Mick Wheeler, the overseas representative for Papua New Guinea and former Executive Director of the SCAE said “this website is a fantastic tool for growers of all sizes wishing to announce their presence to the coffee industry. The basic service is completely free of charge and offers a unique opportunity for both growers, who can use the site to promote their business, and others including buyers and indeed even consumers, who wish to learn more about the coffee they are buying and consuming.” He went onto say that “I am happy to support and be deeply involved in this project as it addresses an issue that growers all around the world face, namely how do growerslet the coffee world know that they produce coffee and are passionate about doing so. This website should be seen as the first step, an important initiative, which may not bring buyers flooding to the grower’s door, but will let them know that the farm exists. The website has the potential to be the “must go to” site for anyone wishing to know where coffee is produceand by whom”. is up and running, it is simple to use and browse, easy to upload individual farm data including pictures on to and above all offers every grower the opportunity to promote the coffee they produce in a meaningful way.
Mick Wheeler says “Coffee growers have nothing to lose and everything to gain simply by registering their farm on

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