8th Annual World AeroPress® Championship on April 9th

The World AeroPress Championship will be held on April 9th at 7pm at WithinSodo, 2916 Utah Avenue S., Seattle. Over 30 countries around the world will send their national champions to this year’s WAC.

Attendees enjoyed the party-like atmosphere of the 2014 WAC held at the Turquoise Beach Club in Rimini, Italy. At this year’s event, a similar atmosphere will prevail. Coffee-loving spectators are encouraged to attend to cheer on the competitors. Although the event is free, tickets are required for admission. They may be obtained through www.aero.press.

The WAC, now in its eighth year, is a grassroots event which has grown to include dozens of national competitions worldwide. The Championship was founded in 2008 by world-famous coffee experts Tim Wendelboe and Tim Varney in Oslo, Norway. To get involved with the Championships, visit http://worldaeropresschampionship.com/. For information about the AeroPress coffee maker, visit www.aerobie.com, email aerobie@aerobie.com, or call 1-650-493-3050.

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