Innovative lid selected for Martha Stewart Cafe Grand Opening

Dallas, TX March 2015 – FoamAroma LLC is pleased to announce its to-go coffee lid has been selected as the to-go lid for the first Martha Stewart Café in New York City. FoamAroma® lids improve the drink sensory experience and are uniquely engineered and designed to allow for a better coffee and tea drinking experience.

Craig Bailey explains, “The idea for FoamAroma® was inspired in 2007 by a very disappointing experience with my cappuccino on the go. I am thrilled that Martha Stewart thoughtfully chose the FoamAroma® lid to deliver the ultimate drinking experience so her customers will be able to connect with the quality in the cup.”

Martha Stewart’s idea for a coffee shop right inside her Starrett-Lehigh Building was inspired when she made a very disappointing attempt to find a decent cappuccino near her NYC office. It seems natural that the FoamAroma® lid was brought together with Martha Stewart’s Café as they were both created and designed to deliver a perfect cappuccino.

Martha Stewart states, “Coffee actually tastes better out of the right shaped cup.” This we know is true. FoamAroma® lid designer, Craig Bailey states, “The aroma and texture of a coffee drink is a critical component of the experience that coffee lovers keep coming back for.”

Until FoamAroma®, there hasn’t been a lid that allows people to taste the complete flavor of their to-go coffee or tea. In analyzing why he was so disappointed in his 2007 cappuccino, Craig Bailey, a Chemical Engineer, realized the barrier was a standard, to-go hot drink lid. Sucking a cappuccino through the small hole eliminated the aroma completely and destroyed the same luxurious foamy feel that caused Martha Stewart to open her own café.

It was a compliment of the highest order when the FoamAroma® lid was invited to top each to-go hot drink served at The Martha Stewart Café, which held its grand opening on March 12 at their Manhattan headquarters building. Another feature that makes the FoamAroma® lid a perfect fit for Martha Stewart’s cup is that all FoamAroma® lids are made in America, just like the products featured on her program “American Made.” Just one more way the FoamAroma® lid matches the culinary and lifestyle maven’s penchant for creating a first class experience while supporting innovative entrepreneurs and ideas.

In taste tests, both coffee experts and off-the-street coffee enthusiasts agree that the FoamAroma® lid well outperforms other to-go lids. (Results at Although designed with the foamy coffee drinks in mind, the FoamAroma® lid has been a hit in London for outperforming any other lid on the market for take-away teas. The ability to fully inhale the aroma of the carefully chosen artisanal teas and to slurp to avoid burning your mouth, also make this lid the perfect lid to carry away the perfectly curated, pure, loose-leaf teas served at the Martha Stewart Café.

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