Touch™ Gives Coffee Companies New “Grounds” to Celebrate: High-Capacity Capsule Innovation Allows Coffee Brands to Offer Bigger, Bolder Cups

XBOLD TechnologyLOS ANGELES, Calif. — Touch Coffee & Beverages™ (Touch™) is revolutionizing the coffee-drinking experience by licensing its re-engineered XBOLD CUP™ and XLARGE CUP™ technology to coffee brands interested in offering stronger cups of coffee. With up to 40% more coffee per capsule than most K-cups, the new design also features Touch’s patent-pending Flavor Grooves, which swirl the coffee grinds during the brewing process to release bold aromas and flavors and extract every last drop of rich coffee flavor.

Compared to most K-Cups®, which only fit up to 12.5 grams of coffee, Touch XBOLD CUPS are engineered with a new filter system that allows each cup to hold up to 15 grams coffee. Touch’s XLARGE CUPS provide up to 18 grams of coffee or 25 grams of soluble such as coffee with milk or hot chocolate.


“Our technologies improve upon all of the drawbacks of current single-serve platforms, including weak coffee, the ability to brew only a small cup at a time, flawed coffee capsule designs, and water heating systems,” said Touch CEO Sam Kim. “We are excited to welcome leading coffee brands to bring their coffee to XBOLD CUP and XLARGE CUP formats so that their customers can experience the best expression of their favorite coffee roasts.”


Touch brewers deliver a faster, bigger, and bolder cup of coffee, making them the ideal companion brewers for XBOLD CUPS, XLARGE CUPS, and standard K-Cups. Not only do they reach the ideal coffee-brewing temperature (between 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit) by using its revolutionary Flash Heating system, but they do so more quickly than any other machine on the market, allowing you to start brewing in under 20 seconds—even after being off all night. With a Touch brewer, hot water has more contact with the coffee grounds, which ensures that much more of the coffee flavor is extracted. Other brewers take much longer to warm up and then shoot water through the coffee grounds too quickly, so you end up throwing away untapped flavor. Even with a slower, more deliberate brew, when factoring in the warm-up time, the Touch platform still turns out a cup of joe in a fraction of the time.


XBOLD CUPS are also compatible with first-generation Keurig® brewers, and XLARGE CUPS can be used in Keurig machines with Touch’s SUPERCHARGER™ accessory.


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About Touch Coffee & Beverages

Touch Coffee & Beverages (Touch) is an innovation-driven company with over a decade of experience in developing, manufacturing and marketing electronics and kitchen appliances. Touch is revolutionizing the single-serve coffee platform for both home and office with re-engineered cups and advanced brewing technology for producing coffee shop-quality coffee. For more information, please visit


*Disclaimer; Touch Coffee & Beverages, LLC is NOT affiliated with Keurig, Inc. or Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. Keurig® and K-Cup® are registered trademarks of Keurig, Inc.

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