Cask Conditioned Craft Coffee

Jim Townley - Cask Conditioned Craft Coffee Three WisemenAward-winning Fresh Cup Roastery Café today announced the launch of Cask-Conditioned Craft Coffee, promising unique new taste experiences for coffee lovers. Coffee beans are deeply infused with carefully chosen ingredients, conditioned in oak casks, and then roasted in small batches. The first series of limited-release infusions will be: bourbon, amber rum, and honey-mead wine. According to Fresh Cup President Jim Townley, customers should expect every infusion to deliver an exciting and surprising marriage of deliciously complex flavours. The honey-mead wine infusion recently scored an impressive 93 Points from Coffee Review, with the tasting notes: ‘fruit-toned spirits, crisp roasted cacao nib in aroma and cup, velvety mouth feel, long persistent finish’.

“We’ve been inspired by the recent trends in craft beers, boutique spirits, and culinary fusions. It’s common to see vodka or beer infused with coffee. However, infusing coffee beans with spirits, beer, or wine is something completely new,” notes Townley.

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