The First-of-its-Kind Fresh Yogurt Dispenser

Plano, TX—Perfect Parfait™ has announced the launch of an important new concept in food service equipment, the Perfect Parfait Fresh Yogurt Dispenser™ (patent pending). While yogurt dispensers have been limited to serving frozen yogurt, Perfect Parfait has engineered a proprietary design that allows fresh yogurt to be dispensed through a stand-alone machine.

The Perfect Parfait dispenser also provides for customizable portion control. In addition, this unique dispenser is designed to maintain high sanitary standards for optimal food safety, offering an easy-to-clean advantage over other dairy and frozen dessert machines.

As part of the Perfect Parfait dispensing system, fresh yogurt is provided in easy-to-manage 14 pound bags. This yogurt, supplied by a farmer-owned creamery, is available in a range of varieties including traditional, certified organic, and Greek. Perfect Parfait yogurt dispenser bags stay fresh for up to 75 days prior to opening and up to 10 days after being opened.

Whether it’s implemented to help ease back-of-the-house preparation, or in a self-serve environment, the Perfect Parfait Fresh Yogurt Dispenser is superior to conventional yogurt cups or scooping from a tub or bowl. Compact and mobile, it can serve as a portable fresh yogurt bar kiosk. This easy-to-use dispenser can reduce labor costs and packaging waste, eliminate sanitation issues and pilferage, and provide an additional source of revenue for all day parts.

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