Safe Storage Helped Colombian Farmers Sell Their Coffee at US$650 a Bag

Victor Dela Casa - FNC PicsHuila, Colombia – Twenty-five small coffee farmers from Huila made profits of US$5000 each from selling their specialty coffee packed in GrainPro® SuperGrainbag® Premium. The bags of coffee were sold to international buyers at US$650 per load of 125 kilograms, which is more than twice the average price of US$307.

About 30 tons of high-quality Colombian parchment coffee were marketed by the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) on behalf of the farmers through their Microlot Program, with financial support from the National Coffee Fund. The yearly program aims to satisfy sophisticated buyers, who demand premium quality coffees, while helping local farmers climb up the value chain.

To store and retain the freshness of the products, and meet the strict requirements of the buyers, Fibtex Colombia, GrainPro partner and distributor in Colombia, handed out SuperGrainbags and provided training to the coffee farmers. The SuperGrainbag is a gastight and watertight bag liner that effectively stops infestation and inhibits the development of aflatoxin producing molds. This essentially enables the SuperGrainbag to preserve the freshness of coffee for a longer storage and shipping period.

About ten percent of Colombian specialty coffees are stored and shipped in SuperGrainbags each year. This year, more than 300,000 SuperGrainbags were used to protect high-quality specialty coffee varieties exported to Europe, North America, Australia and East Asia.

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