Hugo Coffee Roasters Opens In Park City, UT

New small-batch roaster offers unique blends and single origin roasts for direct sale to consumers and wholesale sales to retailers, restaurants and hotels.

Park City, UT (February 23, 2015)– Today, Hugo Coffee Shop owner Claudia McMullin announced that she has expanded her business by opening Hugo Coffee Roasters, a small-batch coffee roasting company based in Park City, Utah. This announcement of the new coffee roasting company coincides with the celebration of the 2nd anniversary of the opening of McMullin’s Hugo Coffee Shop, also located in Park City at the Park City Chamber/Bureau Visitor Center in Kimball Junction.
Said McMullin, “Two years ago when I opened Hugo Coffee, I was a novice to the coffee business, but I have had so much fun meeting all the customers and coffee people, and I have found the whole coffee culture to be such a good fit for me. It’s like having a dinner party every day. I’m excited to jump further in the coffee business to not only serve great coffee, but to roast it ourselves as well for sale to other coffee shops and restaurants.”

Hugo Coffee Roasters’ roasting facility is currently up and running in one of the light industrial warehouse spaces at the Silver Creek Business Commons off Highway 40. The location is not open to the public but tastings are available by appointment.

Though thousands of pounds of coffee have already been roasted at the location, most of the surrounding businesses haven’t realized that Hugo Coffee Roasters is there because of the absence of any coffee roasting aroma permeating the area, a typical phenomenon around coffee roasting plants.

“I invested in a state of the art commercial coffee roaster with an Afterburner/Oxidizer, a type of pollution abatement device eliminates smoke and odor from the coffee roasting process to reduce the emissions released in the surrounding atmosphere.” This process is not only more pleasant for the neighbors but also more environmentally-friendly to the local biosphere. “I’m currently on the Summit County Council passing laws encouraging businesses to go the extra mile to reduce their impacts on our community environment. I couldn’t very well not walk the walk with my own new enterprise,” said McMullin.

Hugo Coffee Roasters has a brand new Diedrich commercial roaster, made in Ponderay, Idaho. McMullin ordered it in purple to match her hair. “Two years in the coffee business, and I now have purple hair, I wear an apron on my mid-day bike rides, and I’m smiling all the time. I love my job.”

The key to success in coffee roasting is often the person actually doing the roasting, and McMullin hit a home run with the talented and seasoned John Lynn, Hugo’s Header Roaster with six years of professional roasting experience. For Lynn, coffee is a 24-7-365 passion. When he’s not drinking it, he’s talking about it with his friends and associates throughout the coffee industry scene. “John’s an artist,” said McMullin. “I’m giving him the tools and resources, and then I get out of the way. He picks the beans. He manages the roast. He curates the blends. He is doing an amazing job.”

McMullin and Lynn found that they shared not only a love of coffee, but also a desire for a new spin on coffee culture. “We both think coffee should be friendly, welcoming and inclusive. We want to share knowledge with people, and celebrate the experience together. We want to Hugo Coffee to be a brand the combines the highest quality with the friendliest vibe,” said McMullin.

Hugo Coffee Roasters is launching with four coffees, available whole bean or ground in 12 oz. and 5 pound sizes:

Dark Roast

New Trick
Light Roast


Downward Dog
In addition to the four blends which will be always available, Hugo Coffee Roasters will also offer a rotating selection of high-end single origin coffees based on topical choices, bean availability and roaster’s whim. The first single origin offering is a Guatemalan Women’s Lot.

Hugo Coffee Roasters products are available for purchase as brewed coffee and espresso drinks at the Hugo Coffee Shop flagship store in the Kimball Junction area of Park City in the Park City Visitor’s Center. Ground and whole bean packaged coffees are also available at this location.
About Hugo Coffee Roasters:

Hugo Coffee Shop is open daily in the Park City Chamber/Bureau Visitor Center located at 1794 Olympic Parkway, Park City, UT 84098 in the Kimball Junction area. Hours are Monday through Friday 7am to 6pm, and Saturday/Sunday 8am to 6pm. In addition to coffee and espresso drinks, Hugo Coffee Shop offers baked goods, juices, sandwiches and breakfast and lunch fare.

For Hugo Coffee Roasters wholesale inquiries and tasting appointment, please contact Claudia McMullin at 435-901-2123 or

Hugo Coffee Roaster’s new web site ( and new retail packaging will be introduced in March, 2016.

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