Kaffeinate and Help the Marines

Among the hundreds of brands available for K Cups, only a handful of them offer Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Two reasons: 1) it’s more expensive with prices running higher 50% or more than other single-sourced coffee, and 2) it’s scarce with 80% of the annual world supply exported for the whole bean market in Japan.
Proudly, then, gourmet brand Dancing Moon Coffee Company introduces its newest varietal, Jamaica Blue Mountain®, available exclusively online. The product is 100% board-certified Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee – not a blend. Like all Dancing Moon brand coffees, its Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is single estate origin.
Compatible with most single-server brewers, each Dancing Moon Jamaica Blue Mountain K Cup offers a single cup of coffee with exquisite aroma and smooth, rich taste.
What’s more, a portion of all proceeds are donated to The Semper Fi Fund to benefit wounded U.S. servicemen and their families.

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