Add Easy, High-Margin Iced Cappuccinos to Your Menu

With warmer weather on the horizon, customers will be looking for a way to cool off. Blender Boyz’ new iced cappuccinos drink mixes, which are available wholesale, are a great option for any restaurant or store looking to tap into this market by adding some high-margin options to their drink offerings.

In less than a minute, it’s easy to whip up an Original, Caramel or French Vanilla-flavored iced cappuccino from these liquid mixes made with real coffee. Just combine a Blender Boyz single-serve pouch, ice and milk or cream, and blend until smooth. Every flavor is free of fat, dairy, gluten and nuts. The product is also shelf stable, controls portion size and cost, and reduces waste.

Blender Boyz offers wholesale bulk pricing and will also supply any promotional materials necessary, such as colorful signage. In addition to iced cappuccino mixes, Blender Boyz also offers three types of smoothie and cocktail mixes.

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