Producer Profile: Jardin de Aromas

Name of Farm
Arabica Variety
Type of Processing/Milling
Altitude in Meters Above Sea Level
Finca Quizarra
Costa Rica
Carrizal, Central Valley
Caturra & Catuai
Washed, White Honeys & Honeys
Other Cupping  Notes
Sugar Cane, Dark Caramel
Orange, Honey, Nuts, Chocolate
Rich and Creamy, Balanced
Fine, Grapefruit, Orange Zest
Sweet aroma of sugar cane, honey, oranges, roasted almonds, with a fine citric acidity as grapefruit and chocolate after taste.
Women Harvest, 3rd mention, Sintercafe 2014 Costa Rica

Carole Zbinden - Jardin1Owned by the Zbinden family, the farm Finca El Quizarra on 17 ha produced coffee since 1960. The plants are tended with extreme care, like a Garden. Harvested at 1400 meters above sea level on the Barva Volcano slopes, coffee cherries of Finca Quizarra are hand selected at full maturity during the months of November to February, carefully de-pulped, sun dried on open-air patios, and then fully mechanically dried in order to obtain precise humidity levels at the mill on site, Beneficio Jardin de Aromas (Garden of Aromas). Finally, the coffee rests on parchment in wood cellars for a few months prior to being classified and exported.

Carole Zbinden - Jardin2With a focus on sustainability, the mill has implemented systems that reduce both water and energy consumption, while also converting the coffee processing waste to further enrich the soil.

The coffee plants of Caturra and Catuai varieties, grown on Carrizal´s volcanic soil, produce high quality and density grains which once roasted, excel their natural attributes.

Premium quality coffee is sold only to Boutique Roasters. Specialty Coffee, limited production.

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