EW Coffee Know-it-All Book by Shawn Steiman (Doctor Coffee)

Consider this book the advanced degree in all things java. Readers may think they know the how and why of roasting and brewing, but coffee nerds know nothing yet. This goes even further into everyone’s favorite beverage. With even deeper history, techniques, science, and tasting guides than some of the other guides, coffee lovers of all ages will obsess over this book. The Little Coffee Know-It-All is not for the faint of heart.

What’s the best way to store coffee and why? How do you brew the perfect cup of joe? What’s the premium coffee bean in the world? What’s the roast with the most? What’s the real reason to use a siphon coffee maker? In The Little Coffee Know-It-All, Shawn Steiman, Hawaii’s own “Doctor Coffee,” answers these questions and more in a fun, playful but scientifically rigorous manner. For those serious about coffee, this book is the perfect companion to the journey from coffee drinker to coffee know-it-all.

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