PARIS, FRANCE —March 9, 2016— Advanced coffee and tea-brewing machine producer Alpha Dominche’s iconic Steampunk is at the center of a new specialty teashop trend popping up around the world that sees tea purveyors taking on a more modern, minimalist design aesthetic and a renewed focus on the nuances of tea.

The latest, and très chic teashop to adorn its counter with the notable Steampunk is the world-famous Kusmi Tea’s new brick and mortar shop in Galeries Lafayette’s flagship location on Boulevard Haussmann in Paris.

“We are excited to announce the launch of our machine in the new Kusmi Tea flagship store and are proud to be working with one of the highest regarded tea brands in the world,” said Alpha Dominche CEO Thomas Perez. “This is an important milestone for our young company as we position the Steampunk brewer as the next big thing in commercial tea brewing on a global level.”

The Kusmi teashop opened its doors last month, and houses France’s first Steampunk. Parisian tea lovers can experience Alpha Dominche’s most expansive model, the MOD4, that perfectly brews up to four different kinds of tea at the same time.

The Steampunk’s glass brewing chambers give customers a one of a kind, theatrical tea brewing experience. Its clean design and customized black finish combined with Kusmi Tea’s colorful and artistic tins make this new beautiful specialty tea shop a must-visit.

Says Sylvain Orebi, CEO of Groupe Orientis, owner of Kusmi Tea:

“We are proud to announce the exclusive launch in France of the Steampunk brewer in our shop at the famous Parisian department store Galeries Lafayette. This fantastic machine brings in an innovative expertise to Kusmi Tea and we, as the 21st century tea brand, are excited to be working with the worldwide specialist Alpha Dominche on this project.”

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