Producer Profile: Nitro Cold Brew

Name of Farm
Arabica Variety
Type of Processing/Milling
Altitude in Meters Above Sea Level
Villa Myriam Colombia Cauca Caturra
A front presence of chocolate, toasted oat notes & sweet molasses finish.
Other Cupping  Notes
Intense Exotic Heavy
Bright Citrus
A strong front presence of chocolate, with toasted oat notes and a sweet molasses finish.
UTZ Certified & Rainforest Alliance Certified

Christina Lord - villamyriam logotransparentChristina Lord - Villa Myriam Nitro Cold BrewVilla Myriam Coffee Company is the only New Mexico company that grows, imports, roasts and distributes coffee. Owners Juan & David Certain take pride in the fact that all of their coffee beans are grown on their grandfather’s farm in Colombia, and they know the exact origin of their coffee, as well as who picked it. Juan and David fled Colombia as political refugees eventually settling in New Mexico. The company adheres to the highest standards in environmental sustainability & social responsibility. Villa Myriam recently launched its Nitro Cold Brew Coffee drink. “Coffee for us is not just a drink. It’s not just a beverage, it’s our family. It’s our history. It’s who we are,” says David Certain. “We believe that by being good to the environment and to anyone who comes into contact with our coffee beans, we will produce a better product,” says Juan Certain. “We continue the tradition that our grandfather started over fifty years ago, being respectful of the environment and of each other.”

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