Producer Profile: XR, Extra Rare Paca Paca Mara VSOP

Name of Farm
Arabica Variety
Type of Processing/Milling
Altitude in Meters Above Sea Level
Tierra Del Gato, finca El Gato
Costa Rica
Poas Volcano
Paca Mara regression to the Paca side
Traditional; picked ripe brix +24, floated, fermented, washed, sun dried.
Other Cupping  Notes
Magnificent Red Roses
Red Berries, Pie Cherries
Full not Heavy, Mystical
Acidity as soft as the velvet knickers on the baby Jesus.
Currently “Wild Harvest” Beyond Organic, but the first Ocia Certified Organic Farm in Costa Rica

This coffee is the third generation of certified Salvador Paca Mara seed. Some plantings go to Paca, some to Marago, and some marry. The small Pacas concentrate the entire effort of the tree into two small beans, packed with mother nature’s flavors. This generation has reverted to the Paca side making the beans very small and packed full of flavor and intense acidity with a remarkable clean after taste that makes you feel as though the sun came out right inside your mouth.

The farm, El Gato, was the first certified OCIA Organic farm in Costa Rica. Though no longer certified, it has progressed to what I call “Wild Harvest” beyond organic! I am James Stewart, retired founder and CEO of Seattle’s Best Coffee, opened in 1969 on Whidbey Island in Washington, “the birth place of northwest specialty coffee.” This special coffee consistently sells out at $375/pound, roasted and shipped the same day.

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