Smartfruit – New 100% Real Fruit Mixes with No Sugar added or GMO’s

Meet_SFNew York, NY 2016 – Here’s a juicy tip: 100% fruit smoothies no longer have to break the bank. You can enjoy all the fruit and flavor at a fraction of the cost without buying and blending expensive produce at home or at your business. Smartfruit™ mixes are all natural, 100% juice, non-GMO, shelf-stable fruit in a bottle that contains no added sugar, preservatives or artificial colorings. Each smoothie delivers 3 fruit servings with all the powerful nutrients that nature intended. Simply blend SmartFruit™ with ice for a smoothie or mix with water and serve as a cool and refreshing beverage.

Brand new and one of its kind, Smartfruit™ mixes were uniquely formulated to perfectly capture the authentic taste of fresh fruit, using only the ripest, and richest fruit varieties. Each flavor is enhanced with a functional boost that complements the fruit’s natural health benefits. SmartFruit™ contains goodies like Antioxidants, Vitamins B and C, Zinc, Selenium, Echinacea, Spirulina, Dark Leafy Greens, Electrolytes, Omega 3 and Oat Fiber. The result is a great tasting smoothie or juice your body will love because of the strengthening, detoxifying, hydrating, energizing, and immune system fortifying benefit.

SF_What_Can_You_Do“Since we’re based in DUMBO (Brooklyn, NY) we get to see firsthand how things go from concepts to trends in motion. We quickly noticed a big opportunity in coffee shops and chain stores that wanted to get some of the smoothie business but didn’t have the means to make or deal with fresh fruit,” said Eren Spring, CEO and Founder of SmartFruit, whose employees all live in New York City. “Now, with the creation of SmartFruit, anyone—consumer or trade—can make a smoothie that delivers on taste and nutrition at a cost-effective price.”

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