At last…an alternative to pulp trays & now available in the USA!

Alison Bateman - Handle-it 3 versionsHandle-it cup holders were developed to provide an environmentally sound solution to carrying multiple drinks whilst still having hands free to deal with other day-to-day items such as train tickets, ID passes, handbags or pushing buggies or shopping trolleys.
Handle-it is simple, effective and super-efficient on space. As cafés and restaurants often have limited storage for packaging consumables it’s design takes this into account. It is light, strong and easily brandable, which unlike the pulp tray means it can help promote and communicate any brand on the move in an eye-catching and effective way.
Handle-it is available in both re-usable (which is recyclable) and disposable (which is recyclable & biodegradable) forms and also, due to its size and weight produces a much lower carbon footprint than it’s competitive products. We calculated that it would take five times as many lorries to transport the same load of pulp trays to the disposable Handle-it!
Handle-it, a sustainable solution to pulp trays is now available in the USA.

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