Three Certified Q Graders on Green Coffee Selection and Tasting Team

Baton Rouge, LA – Community Coffee Company green coffee experts, Mark Howell, General Manager of Green Coffee and Tea, Carl Leonard, Vice President of Green Coffee, and Carlos Molina, Processing Manager, achieve elite national status for their coffee tasting skills and expertise. Having multiple coffee cuppers with Q Grader status demonstrates a coffee company’s commitment to quality and high standards.

Howell, Leonard and Molina are in exclusive and distinguished company as three of 550 people in the country who have achieved Q grader status. Q grader status signifies an individual’s commitment to quality, dedication to training and adherence of strict standards set forth by the coffee industry.

“Community Coffee Company’s commitment to source, roast and deliver the best tasting coffees starts with the quality of the coffee beans,” said Annette Vaccaro, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Community Coffee Company. “That’s why it is so important to have highly-trained, skilled coffee experts to support our efforts and help us create the rich, smooth cup of Community® coffee that our customers expect. We are very proud of this team’s accomplishments.”

To achieve Q Grader status, a person must pass rigorous testing including a combination of cupping, olfactory and sensory challenges. The Q Coffee System was created by the Specialty Coffee Association of America and is a universal standard for evaluating specialty-grade coffee. The Q Grader license is recognized as the highest certification a coffee cupper can receive in the coffee industry.

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