Global leader in engineered solutions and advanced materials, SWM INTL presents LeafLAB and unveils its revolutionary botanical solutions!

Backed by a rich history of pioneering technologies since 1545, Schweitzer-Mauduit International established itself as a world leader in the paper industry and as a global experts in fiber extraction and engineering processes.

Today, eager to share their plant fiber reprocessing expertise with other industries, SWM INTL launches LeafLAB.

Building on its proven experience, engineering expertise, and its passion to bring new concepts to life, LeafLAB is focused on helping a diverse range of customers succeed today.
Packaging: Plant-based paper Paper: Cocoa Paper™, Tea Paper®, Coffee paper

Well-known in both unprocessed and processed forms, such as in drinks or candy, coffee and cocoa are now being used in new, non-food applications thanks to LeafLAB’s innovative formats.
LeafLAB teams create original plant-based paper products with recycled plant by-products extracted from coffee and cocoa beans.
These multi-sensory products bring new packaging solutions to the market that really stand out:
– wrapping paper for chocolate,
– cakes or candy
– coffee capsule filters
– bags and cups for hot or cold drinks

With these natural materials, LeafLAB aims to make Coffee and Cocoa Paper™ the sensory food packaging products that mark the beginning of a new era.

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