Brewista Cold Pro™ eliminates the mess and waste of cold brew coffee preparation

Brewista Inc - Cold Pro press release imageBrewista unveiled the Cold Pro™ Commercial Cold Brew System at the New York Coffee Fest, earning a second place award for “Best New Non-consumable Product”.
The heart of the system is a permanent filter, made of photo-etched stainless steel and BPA free Polypropylene. To prepare cold brew coffee, users simply lower the permanent filter into the brew vessel, add coffee grounds and water, then allow it to steep overnight. Once complete, grounds are drained using the patented “lift-and-turn” design resting the permanent filter on an included adaptor ring above the concentrate in the container.
Adaptor rings are available for the 10 gallon Rubbermaid Brute and Curtis stainless steel dispenser or the familiar Carlisle 22 quart bucket. Ten gallon containers make 5.5 gallons of concentrate using seven gallons of water and seven pounds of coffee.
Brewista founder, Brian Gross explains that the Cold Pro™ may be used with the permanent filter alone, with a suggested paper filter, and/or with a poly-fiber finishing filter at the dispensing faucet.
“The finishing filter refines the concentrate down to 5 microns, allowing it to be used in nitrogen dispensing systems, like the Joe Tap,” said Gross. “We’ll have a Joe Tap unit in our booth at all of the 2016 coffee trade shows to let people experience the improved mouth feel and presentation of nitrogenized cold brew.”
When asked about the inspiration for the Cold Pro™ Brian said, “As with most products we bring to market, the ideas come from the baristas and roasters we work with all over the world. They are the smart ones. A recurring problem mentioned was the difficulty and mess they had making cold brew coffee. One roaster told us that to drain his cold brew extraction, he ties a string around the bag filter, then ties the other end around the handle of a hammer, positions a ladder over a bucket, then suspends the bag filter over the bucket by resting the hammer handle across two rungs of the ladder. He also admitted to losing one batch out of every five or six. With cold brew coffee becoming more and more popular, we knew that we needed to find a better way.”
Cold Pro’s™ patented lift-and-turn design certainly fits that description. Steeping occurs in an open container allowing the grounds to be stirred. That means no more waste caused by unsaturated grounds. The permanent filter prevents ruptured bag filters and eliminates the need for complicated draining procedures.
Available for purchase this Spring, the Cold Pro™ Commercial Cold Brew System is the perfect addition to the Brewista family which includes the popular Brewista Smart Scale™, double wall glass Smart Dripper™ pour-over filters, Smart Pour™ and Stout Spout™ kettles, and the Smart Brew™ plastic steeping filter.
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