The Green Warrior

Wheelys now proudly introduce the Wheelys 4 Green Warrior™. It is, by far, our best café. EVER. It has all the advantages of the previous Wheelys Cafés, yet with dozens of improvements, like a radical ultra ecological technology that ACTUALLY CLEANS THE AIR. It’s a lean, green, money-making machine. Earn big $$$, but pay no rent!
Hurry up! Our three previous campaigns have sold out!
Join us!!

The Wheelys 4 Green Warrior™ is a warrior for better coffee and a better planet. Like its predecessors, it is a full-service organic café on wheels, serving coffee, cold drinks, and cookies while being powered by the sun and the wind and your own legs.
But wait, there’s more. The Wheelys 4 Green Warrior™ recycles all coffee residue, while our new built in air-filter actually cleans the air! WHERE OTHERS POLLUTE, WE CLEAN UP!

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