Modishspoon : Change the way of enjoying espresso

post 2Modishspoon lands on Kickstarter! A revolutionary Italian designed coffee spoon forged to keep espresso crema intact. Coffee lovers globally are already making our revolutionary Italian designed coffee spoon a success.

Many know that the crema keeps espresso hotter for longer, preserving its finest aroma and flavour.

It all originated from an intuitive idea of Maurizio di Paolo who drew inspiration from years of expertise in the coffee and restaurant industry and currently in the production of high-quality artisinal coffee blends.

This led Maurizio to carry out several tests to create an innovative and unique item. Modishspoon is the patented Italian designed coffee spoon to stir your espresso keeping the crema intact.

Its shape has been studied to allow you to lay it directly on the edge of your espresso cup to avoid contact with other surfaces and keep it all highly hygienic.

It has taken two years to turn our idea into a reality and less than a week to reach success.

<<– designer says  “its compact dimensions, about three times smaller than a traditional coffee spoon, make it a very personal pocket-size object.

Modishspoon’s incisions and profile will let the sugar dissolve without actually stirring your espresso, which means keeping the crema thick and preserving that authentic espresso flavour.

Furthermore, the incisions have been studied to keep the coffee spoon correctly balanced”   – >>

Modsihspoon is forged from 18/10 stainless steel, among the most resistant and lasting metals.

The polishing process is done by hand by expert craftsmen

Modishspoon is not only a coffee spoon. There is also a dedicated cappuccino and walky-cup version for American coffee lovers. Both spoons together make for an innovative, unique and elegant designer-item. They are perfectly combined together, but ready to be used individually when needed.

Modishspoon can complement any espresso, cappuccino or tea cup

The Modishspoon campaign presents also the Modishcup, in both an espresso and a cappuccino version with a special handle and made with the finest porcelain to create a stylish, elegant and functional set with Modishspoon.

Creating Modispoon was a long and accurate process. It all started with a study and sketches. The sketches were then processed digitally through several 3d elaborations. A prototype followed forged by laser cutting and hand polishing and buffing.

<<– the designer says “all the efficiency tests we carried out have allowed us to make our coffee spoon perfect and led to the manufacturing stage of Modishspoon. Online and social network feedbacks have been great and so have distribution requests from all over the world” – >>



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