Crown Maple Partners With Sunniva To Create World’s First Super Coffee

Dover Plains, NY (March 17, 2017) – Established as a leading organic, artisan-quality pure maple syrup brand, Crown Maple today announces a new partnership with Sunniva, continuing to build on its growing collection of maple-centric beverage offerings. The delicious new Sunniva Super Coffee, the world’s first Super Coffee, was unveiled at Natural Products Expo West earlier this month.

“We are grateful to announce our partnership with the ambitious Crown Maple team,” said Sunniva Chief Executive, Jim DeCicco. “Our goal is to provide healthy energy and sustained focus; the antioxidants from the maple tree enhance Sunniva’s focused energy. After a detailed diligence process we chose Crown Maple as the ideal partner due to their state of the art facility, social/environmental responsibility and the unrivaled purity of their maple syrup. It turned out to be the ideal relationship as their farm is based in our hometown hills of the Hudson Valley.”

Blended with organic Colombian coffee and fortified with protein for power, coconut oil for focus, and Crown Maple syrup for light sweetness and antioxidants, Sunniva Super Coffee is a cleaner, healthier version of the typical bottled coffee or energy drink consumers are used to seeing on store shelves. Made with all-natural ingredients, Sunniva Super Coffee packs a powerful punch of energy without processed additives.

“Crown Maple’s pure and natural flavor, combined with its many healthy benefits like vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, make it a perfect partner for a brand like Sunniva,” said Mike Cobb, CEO of Crown Maple. “Being able to combine our own organic products with such a special product like Sunniva’s beverage recipe is an exciting way to bring the power of maple to more people than ever. And the fact that Sunniva Super Coffee products contain less than 7g of sugar make the partnership – ironically – that much sweeter.”

Offered in Vanilla Bean, Black Brew, Dark Mocha, and Hudson Valley Hazelnut, Sunniva Super Coffee is now available in locations nationwide, from colleges and offices, to airports and country clubs. Sunniva is also available in Whole Foods Markets Mid-Atlantic and will soon expand to the North-Atlantic and New England Regions. Crown Maple syrup will be included in all Sunniva products, with the exception of the Black Brew, and will be included in packaging, beginning May 2017. For more information, visit: or


About Crown Maple
Crown Maple is Quite Possibly the Purest Maple Syrup on Earth® and sets a new standard of excellence for maple. Established in 2010, Crown Maple has been carefully crafted from the ground up to become the preeminent maple syrup brand. By pairing the best from nature with artisan craftsmanship and breakthrough state of the art proprietary production technology, Crown Maple creates an exceptional maple experience. Crown Maple syrup and sugar products are estate-produced, certified-organic and provide a superior and distinctive taste and performance that elevates Crown Maple beyond a sweetener and into a defining ingredient.

The Crown Maple Estate is based in New York’s Hudson Valley and has quickly become New York’s No. 1 maple syrup producer. Open to the public on weekends, Crown Maple invites guests to visit the estate, experience the sustainable maple grove firsthand, and learn about the maple production process. The on-site maple-infused café also offers a variety of innovative maple foods and craft beverages to further inspire guests.

In an effort to continually push industry boundaries, Crown Maple regularly collaborates with an array of nationally-known brands to incorporate maple syrup into a variety of sweet and savory foods and beverages that go well beyond the pancake platter, and the brand is the syrup of choice served at top restaurants, resorts, and culinary institutions nationwide. Crown Maple products are available for purchase from coast-to-coast at select grocery stores, natural retailers, specialty stores, and foodservice distributors. Crown Maple products can also be purchased online at

About Sunniva Super Coffee
Sunniva Super Coffee is a family owned and operated business headquartered in Washington, DC, on a mission to inspire healthy, productive lifestyles. Founded by student athletes out of necessity, their gluten-free, preservative-free, low-calorie, low-sugar, high-energy bottled beverages are created for optimal taste, health and energy.

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