CUPS Levels The Playing Field Between Starbucks & Local Cafes

Imagine if you could open a business with the power of a large company and the charm of a mom and pop shop. The CUPS team has been chasing this dream for years, and our new CUPS Network is finally coming out of beta and into reality. By giving independent coffee shops access to tools and services normally reserved for big chains, the CUPS Network empowers our coffee shops without sacrificing their individuality.

We launched our coffee payment app in May of 2014 with 30 shops in Manhattan. As our network grew to over 350 locations across several cities, it dawned on us that we were essentially a “virtual” coffee chain (the third largest in the US, as a matter of fact). Expanding on that premise, we’ve utilized purchasing power, plus our unique access to shop owners, to build a full suite of industry-specific tools and services for our partners. This doesn’t exist anywhere else in the coffee market.

The newest addition to CUPS is our Supply Store, which saves our coffee shops the hassle of juggling suppliers, by letting them order everything from coffee to paper products in one place, at the best possible prices. It’s more than just savings – they also get access to our on-demand barista service (Cover That Shift), and several low-cost low-effort marketing tools to bring in customers.

Ultimately, the CUPS Network brings us one step closer to a world where there is a level playing field between independent businesses and chains. As consumers continue to care more and more about the quality and origins of their java, our coffee shops can focus less on the hassles of running a business, and more on what they do best: great coffee and even better service.

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