The KRUVE Sifter Can Make Any Coffee Taste Better

TORONTO, ON – January 2017 – A creative Toronto-based company, KRUVE Inc., has developed a product that can make any coffee taste better, regardless of the brew method or grinder that is used.

With coffee lovers around the world becoming increasingly interested in the science behind the perfect cup, every second, gram, and degree is important. However, until now, grind size has been mostly arbitrary. A typical coffee grinder uses a numerical dial that can be set within a range of fine, medium, or coarse. But how does one accurately quantify fine, medium, or coarse in a way that is replicable and reliable? Often, coffee recipes employ vague comparisons such as, sugar or sea salt. Not only is sea salt somewhat of an arbitrary size, but grinders cannot ensure a uniform sea salt size. As a result, many companies set out to improve the grinder itself. However, even the best grinders on the market work by shattering the coffee bean into tiny fragments. This results in uneven coffee grinds that are split into an array of Fines (smaller pieces) and Boulders (larger pieces).

The KRUVE Sifter solves the problem of uneven grind size using a tiered sifting system. With two tiers and up to twelve interchangeable sieves, the KRUVE Sifter can provide up to 66 possible coffee grind sizes without any of those Fines or Boulders. No different than cooking your favourite meal – if you have ingredients of multiple sizes, the smaller pieces will be over-cooked or burnt and the larger sized ingredients will be under-cooked or raw. With the KRUVE Sifter, you pour in your coffee grinds, shake, and voila! A perfectly even grind, every time. As company co-founder Mark Vecchiarelli notes, “Many have tried to perfect the grinder, but we perfected the grind.” That is also not to say one does not need a good grinder. In fact, the KRUVE Sifter compliments and even enhances the very best coffee grinder. Also, in many kitchens and coffee shops around the world, the KRUVE Sifter is being used as a handy calibration tool for all grinders, from the inexpensive home brewing models to the more expensive commercial-grade models.

The KRUVE Sifter has been used by several world famous barista champions in numerous international competitions and has even been called “The anchor of my signature drink!” by Canadian champ Benjamin Put. Learn more about the KRUVE Sifter on and be among the first in the world to taste coffee the way it was meant to taste.

Quick Facts
• Great coffee requires uniform grind size. The KRUVE Sifter uses two tiers of sieves to remove both Fines (small particles) and Boulders (large particles) created by grinders.
• With up to 12 interchangeable sieves, the KRUVE Sifter allows for 66 possible grind size combinations, providing the brewer full control over their grind.
• The KRUVE Sifter provides a standardized language for grind size, which can be used when sharing recipes. Arbitrary grind sizes no longer need to be accepted as the norm.
• Incredibly accurate grinder calibration tool. Optimizing grinder via micron-level precision. • Home brewers can now enjoy competition level coffee.

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