Iowa Businesses Take Notice In Hot Tea Trend

Peter Goggi, president of the Tea Association of the USA, said growth in the demand for tea is outpacing most drinks on the market. And, it’s a …

“It’s been a huge success for us,” Post said. “It really shows how tea has grown in popularity, and these types of events just take advantage of that.”

Amy Steiner opened Exploring Tea in Dubuque, which sells unmixed tea by the ounce, in mid-August. She said business has exceeded her expectations.

“I wondered if there would be enough interest to have a tea business in Dubuque, which is why I added some other health-based products,” Steiner said. “A person I know who has been in the tea business for over 25 years has information about how well a new tea shop should do, and my shop is beating those numbers.”

Another part of tea’s appeal is its ability to adapt to fit the seasons.

“In the summer everyone wants iced tea, but in the winter, everyone goes over to hot tea,” Post said. “It’s part of what’s great about tea is that there is always a tea for someone.”

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