Xeltron’s New XV Camera Sorter High Volume, Small Footprint, Best Sort

Xeltron introduces its latest HIGH Volume Camera Scan Sorting Machine to the market. Fulfilling our clients’ needs for high volume and quality sorting machines, and always maintaining the same principles of operation-friendly, robust and reliable that we’ve been recognized for 43 years, we introduce our XV Camera model.

The new XV Camera model comes in different volume capacities with 1, 2 and 3 trays, sorting from 2.2 to 9 tons per hours, offering High Volume and a Small Footprint, but still maintaining the best sort available in the market.

Our Inline Scan Cameras are the latest generation in the market, offering the highest definition and resolution of the color spectrum.

Our high velocity PCB boards are cutting edge technology, increasing its performance and diminishing the mortality rate, overall lowering the downtime of the machines, resulting in an accelerated return on your investment.

Its dynamic user friendly Interface was designed to facilitate the calibration process through its industrial touch screen.
Xeltron has always designed its sorting machines prioritizing on accuracy for the best sort possible, robustness to endure hostile environments, and ease of operation to be operated with minimum technical training. The XV model accomplishes all these requirements and more.

With over 43 years of coffee sorting experience on the market, Xeltron offers solutions to your sorting needs. You can count on our Sales and Technical Representatives over the world to offer a stock of original spare parts, and the qualified and prompt service you deserve.

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