We have Cascara!

Walker Coffee Trading is happy to announce a new product offering: Cascara! This tisane is produced by drying and processing the coffee cherry, normally discarded during the process of harvesting beans. By re-purposing what was once thought to be a waste product, coffee farmers are finding new methods to supplement their incomes, especially in the face of environmental concerns that have impacted coffee yields. We are sourcing our cascara directly from Francisca and Oscar Chacon’s famed Finca Las Lajas on Volcan Pass, Costa Rica.

The tea is prepared like any fruit tisane using a heaping teaspoon per 6 oz cup and allowed to steep for about 5 minutes. It is naturally sweet with flavors of apple and cherry and makes a great iced tea. Our QC Lab manager Heather suggests throwing in a little orange zest and cinnamon for a little extra zing in your cup. Keep in mind that cascara does have caffeine, about 25% of an average cup of coffee.

Our cascara tea ships in 46 kilo grainpro bags (101.41lbs) with limited availability from The Annex and Dupuy, Houston.

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