Brewista NutraMilk makes fresh nut milk and nut butter in 12 minutes or less!

NutraMilk Offers Consumers Fresh, Homemade Nut Milk in Twelve Minutes or Less
The startup has turned to Kickstarter for their patented machine dispensing fresh nut milk, fast

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (March 13, 2017) — Brewista, Inc., a Wyoming-based startup, has developed and patented a new machine for milk drinkers worldwide. The NutraMilk system can produce butter or up to two liters of milk from virtually any nut or seed. Compared to the traditional 12 to 14 hours it takes to create homemade nut milk, consumers can now enjoy their beverage or spread in less than 12 minutes. The team will be at the International Housewares Show later this week where NutraMilk is a finalist for the Global Innovation Award. The Brewista team has turned to the crowdfunding community to rally support behind their machine and offer backers a safe, easy-to-clean and healthy alternative to store-bought milk.

“I have to drink nut milk for health reasons. I eventually began to notice that coffee shops were having to make nut milk themselves,” said Brian Gross, Brewista, Inc. President. “It’s an incredibly complex and labor-intensive process, so I wanted to come up with a solution for consumers to enjoy homemade nut milk fast and in the comfort of their own home.”

NutraMilk shortens the traditional multi-hour and multi-step process into a two-step, seven to 12-minute process depending on the nut or seed being used. Consumers can enjoy creating delicious, creamy nut butter or milk from almonds, cashews, peanuts, walnuts, or fresh milk from sesame seeds and rice. To use NutraMilk, consumers can easily place their preferred nut into the machine, add water and select whether they want milk or a spread. The machine, which automatically filters while dispensing, produces up to two liters of fresh nut milk without chemicals and preservatives like Carrageenan and Vitamin A Palmitate. NutraMilk is BPA-free, UL-Certified, dishwasher safe and pending NSF approval.

Nut milk is the preferred alternative for consumers who are unable to drink traditional dairy milk. Whether for health reasons, dietary restrictions or lifestyle preferences, nut milk offers consumers a variety of benefits. For example, almond milk often has less calories than cow milk and is full of healthy fats and vitamins. The variety of nut milks offered at grocery stores and in coffee shops continues to expand as the demand increases. With NutraMilk, consumers have an easy, customizable way to make fresh homemade nut milk of their choice.

The Brewista team launched NutraMilk on Kickstarter today with a $35K funding goal. Early Bird backers will be able to collect their NutraMilk appliance at a discounted price starting at only $210. The machine, which is black with orange touch points, comes with a container and servers for additional consumer convenience. For more information on NutraMilk, visit the campaign at

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