Merger expands potential for foodservice leader Indian Harvest.

PRINSBURG, MINN., April 2, 2013— Harvest Granola LLC, a fully-owned subsidiary of Indian Harvest Specialtifoods – a leading supplier of premium rice, grains and legumes to industry and foodservice – proudly announces its purchase of substantially all the assets of Olympia Granola of North Branch, Minnesota.

The investment is a logical progression for the Indian Harvest brand, as they continue to develop their line of specialty rices and whole grains to include puffed products. Puffed rice and grains are primary ingredients in snack and trail bars of the type manufactured and sold by Olympia Granola.
“We’ve had our eye on puffed rices, grains and their application for awhile,” said Trevor Duininck of the Duininck Companies, owner of Harvest Granola, “It’s a natural move towards expanding the product line not only for foodservice, but also for industrial applications, as ingredients in breads, soups, and of-course, snack bars.”
Duininck Companies was pleased to find a local Minnesota company with similar values and a well-aligned product offering. Olympia Granola is a family business that has been producing Olympia Granola Trail Bars and Coffee House Bars for seven years. The company prides itself on using natural, wholesome ingredients and delivering a distinctive three-inch square bar favored by outdoor enthusiasts and the active lifestyle market. In addition to Olympia brand bars, they also provide the industry with co-manufacturing and private label energy, nutrition and granola bars. With the Duininck Companies’ resources, combined with sales and marketing experience brought by Indian Harvest, the idea of an acquisition quickly came to the fore.
Commenting on the acquisition, Bill Forsman, founder of Olympia Granola, stated: “When we met we realized we shared the same values of family ownership, uncompromising quality and personal, dedicated customer service. We’re all excited about how the additional resources of a company like Indian Harvest will add to the momentum we’ve built behind Olympia Granola.”
The integrated supply-chain of raw ingredients offered by Indian Harvest has the potential to expand product offerings and increase capacity. Presently, Olympia Granola will continue manufacturing from their North Branch, Minnesota location with no interruption in services or change in staff. Forsman adds. “This acquisition can give our customers complete consumer confidence that they will be eating bars made from the finest ingredients available.”
About the Duininck Companies
Duininck Companies, LLC has been owned and operated by the Duininck Family since 1926 out of Prinsburg, Minnesota. Currently in its third generation, Duininck Companies’ mission is to use our God given talents to be leaders in improving the world in which we live. Prinsco, Inc., Duininck Inc, Duininck Golf, Duininck Concrete, LLC, Indian Harvest Specialtifoods, Inc., Hart Ranch Development Company, Midwest Outdoor Resorts and Stonebridge Golf Club of New Orleans are owned by the Duininck Family. For more information visit
About Indian Harvest
Indian Harvest Specialtifoods, Inc., headquartered in northern Minnesota, is a foremost U.S. producer and procurer of some of the world’s most distinctive varieties of grains, beans and legumes for industry and foodservice. The company’s dedication to discovering and promoting lesser-known, heirloom grains and seeds is deep-rooted in its 32-year heritage of providing chef-driven menu inspiration and solutions to an evolving industry. For more information, visit
About Olympia Granola
Olympia Granola was originally founded in 2003 in the Olympic Mountain region of Washington, selling a few varieties of bars at farmer’s markets and local food co-ops. Today, the Midwest-based family business has grown and expanded a product line to include eight varieties of gourmet granola bars, distributing nationwide. The Olympia Granola family is passionate about eating healthy, staying active, helping others, living long, productive lives, pursuing excellence in all we do, and making the best darn granola known to man. Olympia Granola intends to improve the lives of individuals and families everywhere, through the use of premium raw ingredients and a consistently excellent production process. For more information visit


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