Nossa Familia Coffee Opens First Retail Location.

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Family Grown Coffee Roaster Opens First Retail Location in the Pearl.

(April 8, 2013) – Portland, (Ore.), Nossa Familia Coffee, a local roaster in Northwest Portland, is opening their its first retail location, the Nossa Familia Espresso Bar.  Their coffee is sourced from the owner’s family’s farms in Brazil, hence the name Nossa Familia (Portuguese for “our family”).  This is the first coffee bar in the region (or country) where the coffee stays in the family from seed to cup, with no middlemen in between. The owner, Augusto Carneiro, grew up in Brazil where his family has been growing coffee since the 1890’s.  In 2005, Augusto founded Nossa Familia Coffee, which imports, roasts and now brews his family’s coffee.
“This is where the magic happens,” says Augusto, “my family has been growing coffee for more than a century in Brazil and I am so proud to showcase the fruits of their labor.  At our Espresso Bar our customers will experience what we do from seed to cup.”
Nossa Familia will also feature some uniquely Brazilian items such as traditional Brazilian small cheese rolls (known in Brazil as ‘pão de queijo’), a gluten-free savory pastry that pairs deliciously with espresso drinks.
The Nossa Familia Espresso Bar located at 811 NW 13th Avenue, Portland, Oregon, sharing space with the company’s roasting facility.


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