SpinDexer® – Container Filling Machine.

[wpg width=”300″ height=”300″ align=”right”]WeighPack Systems’ SpinDexer® is a container filler machine designed to help operators increase their overall productivity. Designed for both high speed applications and for filling a voluminous product into a small opening container, the machine comes equipped with a servo-driven rotary star wheel that allows for a more efficient filling process.
Each container that passes through the SpinDexer is indexed around the star wheel to each station. All indexing stations are designed for a specific role. Equipped with travelling funnels, product is dropped from a filling machine that then dispenses into the funnel. The funnel then follows the container allowing product to have time to transfer from the funnel to the container without losing production time. Each funnel comes equipped with a no container / no fill and clog detection sensor.
At the next station, the container is shaken at the bottom to allow product to settle creating more room inside the container. During this time product is falling from the funnel while filling the space that is left in the container. Finally, once the container is full it is taken out of the machine by a discharge conveyor.
The SpinDexer is equipped with PLC controls which allow the operator control of the machine’s functions through a color touch screen. It can also be easily integrated with any weighing machine, auger filler, volumetric or piston filler, or a combination of several fillers.
WeighPack Systems Inc. customizes each of their SpinDexer in order to fit the needs and process of the operator. This affordable container packaging machine allows operators to fill rigid containers made out of plastic, glass and/or fibers while operating at high speeds.
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