Binpak Provides A Modern Waste Solution.

[wpg width=”300″ height=”268″ align=”right”]Woodstock, Ontario – For the modern workplace, the disposal of waste often seems like a messy, smelly, and unnecessarily difficult task. It doesn’t have to be thanks to Modern Waste Products, Woodstock, Ontario. Their innovative, self-contained garbage compaction bin is the same size as a standard bin but holds up to 6 times more waste.
With its built-in compaction capabilities, the sealed BinPak not only contains trash, odors and liquids inside, keeping out rodents, wasps and unauthorized dumpers, but compacts waste volume by up to 6:1 for fewer required truck pick-ups per month. Quite simply, BinPak holds the equivalent of six standard dumpsters.  For office, plant, store or restaurant workers used to reaching above their heads to flip open a heavy lid and then having to throw 50 lb. bags of garbage up and into a traditional 80 in. high bin, the BinPak’s front-access hopper accepts garbage at a comfortable 24 in. off the ground. “This is much easier than having to lift bags,” says Mark Hanson, Director of Sales & Marketing for the BinPak product line.
For workers feeding the bin, the secured compaction controls are conveniently located at the lockable front loading door; loading and compacting garbage requires minimal physical strength and time. Once filled, the BinPak’s single electrical connection and auto re-latching lid result in quick emptying cycle times. According to Hanson, with less trips to the landfill required, haulers can optimize their routes and schedules while operators can better manage their disposal and pick-up costs.
Overall height                         2032 mm             80”
Load height                        610 mm            24”
Width                                    2057 mm            81”
Length                                    1667 mm            66”
Fill door opening            508 x 812 mm            20” x 32”
Compaction ratio            approximately             6 to 1
Volume                         4600                        6 cu.yd.
For more information about Modern Waste Products and the BinPak product line, contact:
Mark Hanson, President
Modern Waste Products
622 Dundas Street, Suite 306
Woodstock, Ontario
N4S 1E2
Phone: 519-533-5333
Fax: 519-533-5335

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