Waghi Bob coming to Brisbane TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY.

[wpg width=”300″ height=”225″ align=”right”]GREAT NEWS!!
Merlo’s famed Bean of the Month program continues to showcase incredible beans from all over the world – always rare (complete list if you need). This month the Bean of the Month is PNG’s Waghi Bob, and Merlo has the Australian exclusive. AND next TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, the one and only Waghi Bob will be here in BRISBANE – at the Merlo Torrefaziones!!!
Waghi Bob is a legend in PNG – he was ‘adopted’ by the tribes that are now famous for growing this bean, so much that the bean was named after him. He has a bond with Merlo Barista Brendan Baxter who he met when Brendan travelled to PNG seeking out the best beans. Attached is a shot of him – he’s truly the wild man of PNG that makes coffee so silky and tasty the world cannot get enough.
Waghi will be in the Merlo Torres on Tues 9 April 10am at Fortitude Valley and 2pm at Bowen Hills and Wed 10 April 10 am at Southport and 2pm at Paddington.
Merlo’s latest Bean of the Month Waghi Bob derives its name from the valley in which it grows; Waghi Valley and Bob the man who farms it. Although humble in name this coffee delivers in flavour. Grown at an altitude of 1500 – 2500m above sea level the climate, soil and elevation make for ideal growing conditions. The farmers are small holders or small lot farmers who still live in traditional villages throughout the highlands and uphold ancient harvesting techniques. Bob works with the farmers, giving them advice and help if they need it and then buys their cherry beans to be processed for them under the Waghi Bob label. Waghi Bob beans are fully washed and left to ferment for 36 hours to ensure a clean clear flavour. From here they are sun dried and sorted by hand before being packed and sent off to factories like ours to be roasted.
Taste Profile
• Rich caramel flavour with a toffee aroma and finishing notes of raisin and plum.
• Thick syrupy mouth and a good body
• All in all a well-rounded cup with good acidity

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