La Spaziale as Reliable Partner of Baristas At the National Barista Championship in Romania.

[wpg width=”300″ height=”231″ align=”right”]Sunday March 31st was the final of the Barista Championship in Romania organized by SCAE Romania and sponsored, among others, by La Spaziale spa.
The competitions have been run during Coffee Lovers Event 2013 at the Exhibition RomEXPO in Bucharest during the second edition of the International Coffee Expo. From March 28th to 31st, the Romanian capital has hosted a series of important meeting opportunities for the coffee sector, from Specialty Coffee equipment manufactures to passionate coffee lovers who have been invited there to tasting moments and professional perfomances.
Among the events, SCAE Romania has organized the National competition for professional baristas who have competed to get to the final of World of Coffee Barista Championship. The winner who will represent Romania to the World Barista Championship in Melbourne, Australia, from May 23rd to 26th 2013 is Laurentiu Stefan.
Later on, from June 26th to 28th 2013 we will be having again in Nice (France) Marius Nica for Latte Art World Competition and Cristian Coman for the final of Coffee in Good Spirits Championship.
La Spaziale, Italian company manufacturing espresso coffee machines since 1969, has been selected as official sponsor of the Romanian National Baristas Competition 2013. All the contestants have been judged by certified SCAE experts coming from all over Europe and, during the competitions, they have used three S9 La Spaziale coffee machines for a perfect coffee extraction so as to respect the rules and parameters of the competitions and to finally conquer the jury.
The company has selected the coffee machines belonging to S9 series which are recognized for their efficiency and high performance.

S9 La Spaziale: efficiency and high performance

La Spaziale S9 series is inheriting the outstanding reputation of the well known S5 which has been successfully on the market for 7 years now. The S9 coffee machines offer a renewed body aesthetics and maintain avant-garde functions and technical features.
The most important aspect of these coffee machines is the electronic boiler temperature regulation, that is to say the electronic temperature control which is set directly on the control-panel, through a led display visualizing the delivery temperature at any time. The precise and sensitive adjustment of the operating temperature of the machine is essential when you want to grant an optimal and constant result in the cup with any coffee blend used.
The machines belonging to S9 series can be equipped also with some optional functions which increase their efficiency, thus meeting the different requirements of the professional operators. For those who use different coffee blends, for example, the S9 allows to control and set the temperature of each group in a different and independent way (ITC). Another function available is an additional steam wand with built-in sensor (MAT) for the automatic milk emulsion with temperature adjustment. Furthermore, La Spaziale has developed for these models an automatic system to set a service scheduled maintenance program, such as for example the wear control for the group-heads to service and the control of water softening or of softener cartridge replacement: all these service functions are programmable on the machine through an external display.
Here are briefly some of the features of the S9 series:

  • Electronic with automatic dosing setting (EK version
  • Electronic boiler temperature control
  • Boiler temperature indicated by led display
  • Automatic operating temperature boost function
  • Control of malfunction alarms.

The branch office La Spaziale in Romania

In the 90’s La Spaziale opened a branch office in Bucharest, also thanks to the cooperation of an expert and recognized technician on the local market of espresso coffee machines, Mircea Niculae.
Since the very start, the Romanian venue has focused on technical service quality and on the costant cooperation with the best coffee roasters and of Italian coffee.
Furthermore, the choice to have as reference seat in Bucharest, so as to be able to meet the requirements of customers with a competent technical assistance and with the availability of original spare parts, has allowed the Italian company to confirm their quality on the international market.

The company

La Spaziale Spa has been producing professional espresso coffee machines since 1969: founded in Bologna by Adriano Cacciari, nowadays it is still successfully run by his daughter Franca Cacciari and by her husband Maurizio Maccagnani, who has developed for over 30 years the business and commercial strategies of the company.
After 44 years of business activity, the company is still growing, always believing in the values which have made it a key-reference for baristas all over the world: granting a high quality and constant result in the cup for Italian Espresso through a reliable and technologically advanced coffee machine.
The top quality standard represented by La Spaziale is mostly evident in the production process: all machines are produced in Bologna and all components are 100% made in Italy. Every coffee machine before being available on the market for the final customers is subject to a careful and strict quality control process and is fully tested to grant a perfect efficiency on the bar counter. Today with 3 venues in Italy, three abroad (USA, Brazil, Romania) and over 100 distributors in the world, La Spaziale brings to each coffee bar the true passion for the Quality Italian Espresso Coffee.

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