Breakthrough With Award Winning To-Go Coffee Lid Design.

New to-go lid design allows for straight-from-the-mug experience with fewer stained shirts and burns.

Simply Lids, Coffee Fest award winner and Edison Design nominee, has created a lid that lets to-go beverage consumers have a “straight from the mug” experience without the mess. This new way of enjoying your coffee on-the-go not only lets you experience the aroma of the coffee through the unique placement of the drinking hole but it’s also splash resistant so you’ll have fewer stained shirts and burns.

Here are some facts about Simply Lids:
1. First ever to-go coffee lid with unique hole placement.
2. Simply Lids offers Simply Tab™ that easily slides open and closed to maintain temperature and avoid splashing.
3. Adsert™ provides marketing opportunities where companies or events can add their logo, promotions or coupons to literally get in front of the customer.
4. Simply Lids currently uses recyclable materials that are enhanced by adding 30% renewable material allowing for less energy to be used in production.

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