United States AeroPress Championship Results – New York City

Rusty Obra of Rusty’s Hawaiian Coffee won the 2015 United States AeroPress Championship on March 29th after a night of hot competition in New York City. 24 competitors from around the United States, competing in heats, brewed coffee using AeroPress coffee makers for four judges. Under Line Coffee hosted the event at the Kathryn Markel Fine Arts gallery just down the street from their cafe. The judges agreed that Obra consistently brewed the best-tasting cup. Obra also won a ticket to Seattle, WA to compete in the 2015 World AeroPress Championship to be held on the 9th of April. The World AeroPress Championship, now in its eighth year, is a grassroots event which has grown to nearly three dozen national competitions worldwide. Past World Championships have taken place in Rimini, Melbourne, Portland (OR), London, Milan, and Oslo (twice). The Championship was founded in 2008 by world-famous coffee experts Tim Wendelboe and Tim Varney in Oslo, Norway.


Brandon Tully, US AeroPress Championship Organizer, Under Line Coffee
e: brandon@underlinecoffee.com
t: (347) 331-4677

Constance Adler, Marketing Coordinator, Aerobie, Inc.
e: constance@aerobie.com
t: (650) 493-3050

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United States AeroPress Championship
Twitter: @USAeroPress

World AeroPress Championship

Aerobie, Inc., makers of the AeroPress coffee maker

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