MAHLKÖNIG launches the PEAK

peak_presentationTIME FOR A REVOLUTION: MAHLKÖNIG presents the PEAK.

Hamburg / April 2015

It’s a long way from inspiration to innovation. It may take days, weeks and months of hard work and the most experienced and skilled team to get a brilliant idea ready for series production. And even more in this case. It takes MAHLKÖNIG’s true and deep dedication to coffee to create a revolutionary espresso grinder making an ultimate grinding experience accessible for everyone who pursues enjoying the perfect taste and the special aroma of espresso in the best possible way.
And now here comes the revolution: the PEAK. And it’s having a lot more to offer but only one single new feature! It is an exceptional fusion of the utmost grinding competence, perfect functionality and alluring design elements.
Enjoy the ultimate performance of premium cast steel grinding discs with 3.15 inch diameter having no settling-in effect and being rotated by only 900 or 1100 rpm as well as being cooled by a double ventilation system to preserve the coffee’s unique aroma. Experience ultimate control with the adjustable spout, the most accurate dose adjustment by 1/100 seconds and the constant temperature indication on the premium OLED display. And discover the ultimate usability of the innovative user-friendly menu on the high-contrast and brilliant display with a wide viewing angle – combined with MAHLKÖNIG’s approved hands-free grind-on-demand principle.
When you finally settle the spout illumination concept to your favoured setting, the PEAK has already won your heart completely and you will surely not let it leave your espresso bar anymore.

One decade after the German coffee grinder manufacturer MAHLKÖNIG has ushered in a new era of espresso grinding by introducing the K30 it is now time to push the boundaries of espresso grinding once again.
It is time for the ultimate grinding experience.
It is time to reach out for the PEAK.

The PEAK will be showcased at the SCAA event from 9th – 12th April 2015 in Seattle for the first time and will be exclusively available in the US.

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