JOCO launches LUX glass at the 27th Annual SCAA Event Seattle

LUX GLASS BLOG IMAGEMELBOURNE, Victoria, Australia – APRIL 15, 2015 – JOCO have launched their newest product at the 27th Annual Coffee Expo Seattle (USA). Meet the LUX glass. Appreciating the passion for leaf and bean by growers, roasters, baristas and folk in between, JOCO were inspired to create a glass that was just right. Developed with skilled baristas sharing their intimate knowledge, the LUX glass was born to stir up the senses.

The form of the LUX glass is striking. Made from premium borosilicate glass, the handsome bevelled exterior refracts light into the LUX glass while providing grip for your hand. When brewing a beverage of equal ratios, the 6oz size supports the harmonious balance of coffee to milk. The angled walls and curved internal design make excellent framework for barista’s to pour a great coffee and perfect their latte art. The thickness of the glass gives a delicious feeling on the lips and insulation for your fingers. The sturdiness and durability of the LUX glass makes it ideal for use at home, on the road, adventuring outdoors, in a bustling café, espresso bar or any suitable commercial environment.

JOCO aspire to craft the best products. Their superb LUX glass creates the most favourable drinking experience for lovers of a fine brew.

The JOCO LUX glass will be available directly from the JOCO USA online store ( and found in a growing selection of like-minded cafés, roasters and retail outlets in JUNE 2015.

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JOCO was founded in 2010 in Torquay, Victoria, Australia. The global brand believes that creative and environmental stewardship does not have to interfere with the pursuit of superior taste — in both beverage flavour and everyday life. JOCO strives to cultivate a community of lifelong customers who are united in the idea that, while life should be experienced completely, it should not be enjoyed at the expense of the natural environment.

By using glass instead of paper, we are reducing the excessive amount of landfill created by the use of non-recyclable, disposable paper cups. By favouring glass over plastic, JOCO has eliminated the intrusive flavour that plastic cups may release into your carefully crafted coffee or tea. These truths make JOCO the ‘Cups That Care’.

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