City of Saints Coffee Roasters Offers Timeshare Roasting Opportunity at New Eco-Friendly Production Facility in Brooklyn, NY

Roasting Facility PanoramicAre you a start-up or established coffee concept looking to offer your customer’s fresh-roasted single origins or custom blends to your own specifications, or perhaps a large multi-unit company with ambitions of improving the overall quality and consistency of your coffee, all while substantially reducing the product cost?

City of Saints Coffee Roasters recently opened a 3,500 sq.ft. state-of-the-art roasting and packaging facility in the diverse and transitional neighborhood of Bushwick in Brooklyn, NY. Here they have all the tools and expertise in place to quickly and efficiently support any serious coffee company’s productions needs.


Using a Loring S70 Peregrine Smart Roaster, one of the most efficient and reliable roasters on the market today, roasting can be done in small or large batch sizes ranging from 33lbs to 154lbs delivering superior control and consistency with every roast.


• Patented single-burner design = smokeless roasting

• The exclusive Flavor-Lock Roast Process™ and sophisticated parametric profiling system translates to a superior ability to extract the exact flavor desired from every bean roasted

• Computer-controlled, closed-loop, oxygen-free roasting = absolute repeatability of every roast

• With no need for an afterburner, Loring coffee roasting machines reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption by up to 80%, producing a cleaner, brighter cup


In their centrally located new facility on 297 Meserole Street, Brooklyn NY 11206, the City of Saints Coffee Roasters team, led by three industry veterans with decades of across-the-board experience, can offer you the following services to meet all your roasting, packaging and production needs.


• Green bean storage

• Sample roaster

• Convenient hourly roasting slots

• Packaging equipment – weigh & fill / heat sealing machines

• Product sampling & quality control – espresso & brewing equipment

• Cold storage

• Wi-Fi Access


About City of Saints Coffee Roasters


City of Saints Coffee, derived from the coffee growing and trading region in the Eastern Highlands of Ethiopia known as Harar, or “city of saints”, is a company that celebrate the history, the people, and the evolution of the product that they’re most passionate about … coffee.


Too many coffee companies nowadays conform to the idea of belonging to the first, second, or third “wave” of coffee, basing their identities upon trends, rather than what’s important. At City of Saints Coffee, their identity is based upon a foundation of knowledge and experience that arrived on no particular wave. Their aim is to bridge the virtues of excellence and simplicity.


City of Saints Coffee Roasters operates a roasting and production facility in Brooklyn, NY, as well as two retail stores in Hoboken, NJ and the East Village of New York City.




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