Lutheran World Relief Receives $350,000 from Starbucks Foundation to Support Coffee Farmer Livelihoods in Colombia

Ground_Up_LogoLutheran World Relief (LWR) has received a Starbucks Foundation grant of $350,000 toward its project Pro-Café: Protecting Ecosystem Services for Sustainable Coffee Livelihoods, a two-year project that contributes to the protection of the local ecosystem, provides sustainable livelihoods, and fosters community in the Guarinó River watershed in Caldas, Colombia. LWR believes that in order to have a reliable and sustainable supply of coffee for the world, it’s imperative to invest in the farmers who produce it.

This grant is part of Starbucks comprehensive approach to ethical sourcing. To date, Starbucks has contributed $15 million in social projects to support farming communities around the world. In 2014, the Starbucks Foundation granted more than $3.7 million to multiple organizations whose work addresses relevant needs in specific communities. Each investment is targeted to create a sustained impact in a local community developing the necessary infrastructure to help support systemic, long term change.

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